If you've previously played World of Warcraft. Then you must be a huge fan of this game. It's a tricky, a little difficult, and an exciting game to play. The Isle of Thunder, as we already know, is a zone/location on the continent of Pandaria. This zone is surrounded by a fortress-like city. We've spoken about how to get to Isle of Thunder in 2021 in this article.

Level 90 players can complete quests on the Isle of Thunder. This area is not run by either faction and contains quests for both factions. Above all, the question remains: how does one get to the Isle of Thunder? You don't have to be concerned. We will tell you how to get to the Isle of Thunder in this post.

How to Get to the Isle of Thunder?

The Isle of Thunder is essentially an island located northwest of Kun-Lai Summit and the Townlong Steppes. It is an island teeming with thrilling daily quests, rare NPCs, raid dragons, and much more.

This zone contains a large number of elite characters that you can take out; however, they do not reward you with awesome loot, just money or anything useful.

  • To get to the island, To begin, you must travel to the portals near the Shado-Pan Garrison. As we all know, the island is in a unique situation in which flying over the faction's capital is not feasible. If you attempt to do so, Thunder Calls will appear in your log.
  • You must then travel to the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes, where you can receive quests such as The Storm Gathers.
  • Since we know that flying is not permitted on the Isle of Thunder, opting for a land mount is a brilliant idea! Consider purchasing Elixir of Water or Reins of Azure Water, which will enable you to travel more easily around coastal areas.
  • In addition, you can set your hearthstone to the island later on, but not at the start. You may, however, set it near the portals at the Shado-Pan Garrison.
  • If you want to return to your base, you can easily do so by using Kirin Tor Beacon/ Sunreaver Beacon.

Step by Step Guide To Get To Isle of Thunder:

To travel quickly and conveniently to the Isle of Thunder. You just need to follow the basic steps outlined below.

Step 1: Firstly, Go to Sando-Pan Garrison

First, if you're on Townlong Steppes, try to get to Sando-Pan Garrison. Sando-Pan Garrison is located in Townlong Steppes' west-central region.

Step 2: Isle of Thunder Portal

After arriving at the Sando-Pan Garrison. Go outside and take a look around; you'll notice a gleaming blue portal that can be found in the camp.

Make sure you're at the correct level of the game; otherwise, you won't be able to locate the portal. There will be an NPC (No-Player-Character) near the portal.

Captain Elsia will be the name of the NPC scout. It will grant you the search The Storm Gathers. It will assist you in boarding the boat that will take you to Thunder Island.

Step 3: Take a Ground Mount

Since you cannot ride to the Isle of Thunder island, you must use a ground mount. It will assist you in entering the island.

Remember to use Elixir of Water or Azure Water Reins. It will make it easier for you to drive around coastal areas and walk for 10 minutes through the water.

Since water elixir requires level 50. To use this incredible strength, you must be at least level 50.

Step 4: Use the Orb on the Boat

While you're on the boat, you'll get to try a lot of new stuff. There will be a portal that will allow you to be transported to Sando-Pan Garrison.

In addition, you will receive an Orb that will assist you in travelling to the coastal region of Isle of Thunder Island.

From there, you'll have to swim before you hit the mainland of Thunder Island.

Make permanent Base on the Isle of Thunder

You're in because you know you'll get a portal to Shado-Pan Garrison on the boat. In addition, on the same boat, you can find a quest called Assault on Zeb'tula. Yes, completing this quest will grant you a permanent base on the Isle of Thunder.

After completing the search, you will no longer need to use the boat to get to the Isle of Thunder.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I'd like to suggest that the Isle of Thunder is an amazing place that you can certainly explore and participate in the activities that take place there. Finally, we'd like to thank you for visiting Hackming.com. If you enjoyed this post, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and don't forget to share them with your friends and family. Best wishes!