Have you ever been in a position where there are many new movies, albums, and software available, but your phone, device, or even Android TV's storage is full? And you've been thinking about how to find more room on your Android phone.

We have recently got the two most popular questions: "Can I delete Apk file?" and "How to uninstall apk apps?" The response is absolute YES. Then, on this tab, we'll show you how to uninstall apk apps from your Android phone, computer, and TV.

How to delete APK files on Android Phone

Any of us have a habit of uploading most videos, apk games, and apk files from the Internet onto our computers. However, several are not watched again, though they remain in storage and take up space. 

You may be aware that a typical movie consumes up to 4GB of storage, while a 128kbps song consumes 1MB of storage per minute, and Apk files consume several times the amount of space. It will cause your Android devices to become slow and sluggish. The most successful way to manage these conditions is to uninstall the apk files.

How to remove Android apk files from your smartphone or tablet?

  1. Uninstalling Android app from the Home Screen
  2. This method is compatible with all Android models.
  3. Discover the shortcut to the app you intend to uninstall. It is regularly shown on the Home Screen.
  4. Press and keep your finger on the app; this will cause a pop-up menu to appear. At the top of the page, there are two choices.
  5. Drag the app's shortcut to the Uninstall alternative and drop it.
  6. It will question you to check whether or not you want to disable the program. You press the OK button. The phone would then show a message indicating that you have successfully uninstalled the program.

Removing an Android apk file from Settings:

  1. Open your smartphone's Settings app and navigate to the Apps section of settings.
  2. A list of all the applications on your Android smartphone or tablet emerges. You choose the app you want to remove.
  3. On the phone, some information about the app will be displayed; press the Uninstall icon.
  4. You will also be asked to confirm: "Do you want to delete this app?" To complete the uninstall process on Android phone, Hit the OK button.

Guide to Delete apk Files from Windows 7:

  1. Press on the Windows icon
  2. Pick Control Panel from the right-hand menu.
  3. Click on Uninstall a program from the Programs menu.
  4. A list of all the files you built on your computer is now shown on the desktop. Then you choose the software to be deleted.
  5. At the end, check for Uninstall and press it.
  6. An asking box will appear; press Yes.
  7. The uninstalling procedure is now initiated. After done, you will receive a message, which you must validate by clicking OK.

How to delete apk files in an Android TV?

  1. If you've side loaded apk files that aren't from the Google Play Store, such as mp3/mp4 files, Apk files, and so on, you'll find them in the Download section.
  2. From the Home Screen, navigate the Settings menu by tapping on the cog button.
  3. Second, scroll down until you see "Settings & reset" and pick it.
  4. On the computer, there are two options: "Internal storage" and "Factory data reset" You pick the first one.
  5. This segment is divided into a few sections, so you can choose "Downloaded applications," which contains all of the apps you've installed on your TV.
  6. Pick the Apk file that you want to remove. It will display a new list of many choices, from which you must pick "uninstall."
  7. To end, you pick OK.


You now understand how to uninstall Android apk files on Android handset, device, or television. Note that by deleting applications that you no longer need, you have opened up device storage space. 

The fewer applications you install, the quicker your Android devices will run, and the fewer data will leak from them. Finally, I hope you found this article helpful for delete apk files.