3 Best ways to transfer Whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone?

Suppose you are moving from Android to iPhone

However, there's always a learning curve as we used to create a shift from one technology to a different one but it will be a difficult task to transfer your all data.

One such drawback arises after you need to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, and that happens because of compatibility problems between the two styles of phones.

how to transfer Whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone

When you are changing phones, i.e., moving from Android to iPhone or vice versa, WhatsApp itself doesn't enable you to transfer your chat history or other data

The reason behind this limitation lies among the OS and WhatsApp chat encoding.

But here we've got finally managed to get our hands on the two promising mobile software system that genuinely permits fast backup and restore options.

So you'll transfer your vital social media account information together with WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS in a very few easy steps.

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#1. How to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone using Wutsapper

Wutsapper is a fantastic app developed by Wondershare Technology that gives cross-platform WhatsApp backup and restoring capability from Android to iPhone devices with a USB OTG cable's assistance. 

You'll transfer not only chats but, you can also move pictures, videos, voice notes, and GIFs.

How to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone using Wutsapper

For those of you who aren't aware, It requires a desktop version too with the name MobileTrans. 

It's compatible with Windows and Mac-based computersand this software package comes in handy after you don't have an OTG connector or after you need to store a WhatsApp chats backup on your laptop.

Wutsapper is a paid service and charges you around $29.95 for a year of backup service. 

However, to allow you to check how well it works, you'll get a free transfer of fifty messages.

How to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone using Wutsapper


  • OTG cable/connector,
  • Android 7.0 Nougat or later,
  • iPhone is running iOS 9.0 or later.


1. On your iPhone device, ensure the newest version of WhatsApp is there.

2. On your android device, transfer and install Wutsapper from the link here.

3. Launch the Wutsapper app on your android phone.

4. The app can ask if you have got an OTG cable to attach your android phone with your iPhone. Tap Yes.

5. An on-screen video tutorial will show what you would like to look at and follow to form an entire WhatsApp chats and media backup.

6. Once the backup completes, the app should automatically find the backup and show you the main points along the date and time. The app can now process and analyze your backup. 

It will take a minutedepending on the scale of your chats, messages, images, and videos.

Once parsing completes with success, the app can prompt you to attach your Android to your iPhone. 

7. Connect each device via OTG cable and tap on the Start Transfer button.

Now sit back, whereas Wutsapper takes care of everything and transfers all of your WhatsApp chats and media files from Android to iOS. 

Also, ensure not to use your device throughout the transfer process as that would interrupt the process.

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#2. How to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone using iCarefone?

iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer is the go-to process from Android to iPhone ecosphere. 

This method is one of the only reliable ways to transfer your WhatsApp conversations and chat history.

Whether or not you're running a private account or WhatsApp business account.

How to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone using iCarefone

As compared to the previous technique we've already mentioned, iCareFone primarily uses a pc to assist seamlessly transfer your WhatsApp chats and media files from one phone to another

And aside from moving your data, the software system permits you to make an area backup on your laptop with merely one-click.

iCareFone is a paid service and starts at $19.95 for a month of backup service and support.


1. Computer running Windows or raincoat,

2. Android device,

3. iPhone device.


1. On your laptopdownload and install the iCareFone app.

2. Launch the software package, and you'll see the source and destination devices. 

3. Connect each of your devices to the pcWe will suggest too you utilize the initial data cable to eliminate all the possibilities of error.

4. You can use the flip button given within the center to interchange source and destination devices, and once done, click on the Transfer button.

5. The procedure can guide you to either produce a recent backup of your WhatsApp information or use any existing ones already hold on to your phone.

6. During the processad your phone number to verify the info and keep everything encrypted from WhatsApp's finish.

7. After the verifications, the software can take you to the next step, wherever it'll begin restoring your WhatsApp information to your iPhone.

The restoration method may take from many minutes to a handful of hours, reckoning on the scale of your backup information

Throughout the processyou ought to not use any of your devices to interrupt the techniqueleading to information loss.

How to transfer WhatsApp Messages Between Android and iOS Using Backuptrans?

We have another tested method that you can do to transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS.

How to transfer WhatsApp Messages Between Android and iOS Using Backuptrans

1. Firstly you have to download an application on your PC named Backuptrans. This application is available for both Windows and Mac

2. Open this application on your PC, and make sure to plug in your Android and iPhone with their respective cables.

3. Once you attach both the devices, your devices' names will show in the list of devices inside the application.

4. Make sure you have to right-click on your Android device's name and select "Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone."

5. After this, the process will start by itself, and will do the transfer will be done within minutes.

6. It is important to note that this method will erase the WhatsApp messages from your Android devices. 

7. Therefore, you have to take a backup of your WhatsApp messages on your Android device if needed.

How to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone


I hope now you got your answer to the question "how to transfer whatsapp chats from android to iPhone?". It is a specific task that can't do manually or without software, and sadlythere's no free way to accomplish this. 

In most cases, our conversations and data are valuable. And losing any of that simply because you purchased a brand new phone isn't worth it.

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