All right, if you were using Telegram, you would know that your phone number is required to register with instant messaging applications

To authenticate your identity, use your phone number.

If you have enrolled, Telegram can help you connect contacts by using your contact number or your username in two different ways.

How to hide your Phone Number in Telegram

Likewise, you can also be identified by other Telegram users by phone or username

So you can opt for masking it if you do not want someone to reach you via your telegram phone number. 

Your phone number is shown in your profile line even by chance. Both contacts related to your Telegram account have your contact number open.

Yet again, this thing asks a few questions about secrecy. For example, the person who reached you by username would have known your phone number. 

That's how many Telegram customers have opted to hide their phone numbers. 

It's pretty easy to cover phone numbers in a telegram because you and your contacts are familiar with the username search system.

In this post, we'll share a step-by-step guide on how to hide your phone number in Telegram. Let's check it out.

How to hide phone number from Telegram?

1. Next, you can open the Telegram app on your
Android smartphone.

2. Press the three horizontal lines as shown below.

Press the three horizontal lines as shown below

3. Press 'Settings' from the menu.

Press 'Settings' from the menu.

4. Tap the 'Privacy and Security' option on the Settings page.

Privacy and Security'

5. Tap the 'Phone Number' option under Privacy.

Phone Number

6. Under the one who can see my phone number, you'll find three different options—Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

How to hide your Phone Number in Telegram

7. If you choose the 'Nobody' option, you will find another option, 'Who can find me by my number.' Tap it and select the 'My Contacts' option.

How to hide your Phone Number in Telegram

8. If the settings are done, press the Checkmark button in the top right corner.

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Can I Hide My Phone Number on Telegram?

You have to grant permission to send and receive calls to your telegram and give your number to the app when you register for Telegram. Unfortunately, you need to provide this detail if you would like to sign up for Telegram on your primary phone.

However, Telegram does not use the contact number and does not share the number with anyone. Your Service ID token is the username on your account.

Few tips to secure Telegram.

Telegram seeks to protect the secrecy of the application. Messages are saved on your phone and not on the servers of Telegram to protect them from watchful eyes.

When a text is removed, all parties are deleted - meaning that you can monitor what the other party sees in the conversation. But there are a few more tweaks to make the communications more private to Terminal.

Self-destructing chats

Telegram has a secret chat function that can be encrypted from end-to-end and destroys itself at a preset moment.

For these chats, you will have to set a time-box, but the process is automatic. This is a very cool feature for those chats you never want to find.

  1. Open a Telegram secret chat.
  2. Select the 3-point icon on the menu.
  3. Choose Set your own timer.

Upon starting the timeout, all messages are deleted when the chat session expires. Telegram also disables your smartphone's screenshot functionality when you're in a secret chat by adding a different level of security.

Set a passcode

You can set a Telegram passcode if other people have access to your phone to protect your privacy. It locks the application down and stops anyone other than you know your passcode from using the app or looking at it.

  1. Tap Settings and open Telegram.
  2. Tap Security and Privacy.
  3. Turn on Passcode and tap Passcode.
  4. Enter your passcode and re-enter it if required.

Now, when you first start Telegram, you will need to enter your PIN. Make sure you remember or store your PIN securely – that's the only way to access your Telegram account.

Last Seen hide for chosen Telegram contacts

As you probably know, the last time you used the app, Telegram shows other people. Follow these steps if you want to avoid someone or chat unseen.

  1. Open Settings in the Telegram app
  2. Select Privacy and Security
  3. Tap Last Seen
  4. Select either Everybody, My Contacts, or Nobody

Final Words:

I hope you understand how to hide your phone number in the Telegram app. Although the app is not the most secure, Telegram provides some protection and you can take a couple of measures to make the app safer. You can conveniently safely set up a Telegram account and change the settings to secure your anonymity by following the advice mentioned above.

Do you have any other ideas to secure Telegram? In the comments below, post them!