So, you were attempting to work out the way to run any android application on the computer and came upon android emulators. 

If you're a gamer and you're searching for lightweight android emulators for low-end pc.

Suppose you're a developer searching for an emulator for you to figure best with it. We've it all.

10 Best Lightweight Android Emulator for Low End PC

We have enclosed the link for you to download the emulator that's best for your desires. Android Emulators For Low-End computers.

These emulators are for every kind of user. From gamers to application developers or testers, we've listed it all. 

A number of them don't seem to be free. However, most of them are free. 

All of them have an honest performance and might additionally handle most of the applications simply. 

Let's begin with our list of best android emulators for low-end pc. 

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Top 10 Best Free Android Emulator For Low End PC

Nox Emulator

Nox emulator  is one of the simplest android emulators accessible to us without delay. 

it's somewhat just like the Bluestacks with some additional options in it. 

Nox is an android emulator that gamers would like to use. 

Its unique options permit users to possess control over games employing a keyboard & mouse. 

It also stimulates the gestures once taking part in games on the phone, operating a mouse & keyboard. 

The prominent, remarkable feature it has is that it permits users to assign controls to some extent, that gamers would be very grateful. 

Memu Emulator

10 Best Lightweight Android Emulator for Low End PC

Memu is an excellent android emulator for low-end PCs. This emulator permits users to
access advanced options

It comes with a root operation together with a toolbar. 

Additionally supports a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad for gaming. 

This android emulator provides smart performance in games. 

Therefore if you're searching for gaming, it'd be a pleasant possibility for you. 

They need a particular feature named multiple instances; with it, you'll run quite one game aspect by the side on an equivalent account or the same game with multiple accounts. 


10 Best Lightweight Android Emulator for Low End PC

Bluestacks is quick and stable. 

There are several options in it & continue adding a lot of time. 

Once it involves android emulators for pc, it's the foremost known. 

Many folks realize Bluestacks or should have detected its name at least once, whereas looking for an android emulator. 

With Google Play Store App put in it, users will download something easily. 

You'll even live stream games on Facebook or any place you would like in it. 

Full-screen mode is additionally accessible in Bluestacks. 

Bluestacks will provide a smart performance; however, it will need some configuration to line it up to offer higher performance. 

On some systems, it works well. 

However, if you've tried Bluestacks and it didn't work well on your system, you must attempt Nox Player.

Andy Os 

This emulator gets the duty done. 

It simulates numerous aspects of android in its pc android emulator software. 

Andy OS simulates essential aspects of the android system just like the launcher. 

You'll play games on that because it will handle applications that need high performance. 

Users even have the power to line up root access if they need it. 

It will run on a computer also as a macintosh. 

Andy also provides seamless synchronization between desktop and mobile devices. 

SmartGaGa Emulator

SmartGaGa is a new Android emulator in 2020 available for Windows. 

The release surely enliven the competition among other emulators that have been around in years such as Bluestacks, Memu, Nox etc.

Unlike any others, SmartGaGa is the only non-CPU virtualization emulator. Which means, you don’t have to turn on your CPU virtualization in order to run.

This is one of the key factor that outperform other android emulators. It greatly help users whose CPU doesn’t support virtualization.

SmartGaga Minimum System Requirements:

  1. Operating system: Windows 10/7/8
  2. CPU: Intel/AMD Dual Core
  3. RAM: 2GB (4GB recommended)
  4. GPU: Graphic card with DirectX 11 supported
  5. Hard disk space: 1GB

Is smartgaga safe?

SmartGaga is official emulator by Tencent, the same as GameLoop

So it's supposed to be safe.

Only seems like it's rarely updated, besides the emulator is not stable enough in Windows 10 PC.

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Genymotion is a very lovely emulator for developers who want to check their applications on numerous devices while not installing several emulators. 

Using Genymotion, a user will set up the emulator in line with their desires. 

Users will choose the kind of device and also the android version whereas configuring the emulator. 

It adapts itself consistent with the type of device and even the android version on it.

You'll still run games on it. However, this is often an emulator. 

Developers would like more. It is therefore landing on our list of best android emulators for low-end pc. 

Ko Player 

Ko Player is easy and straightforward to use an android emulator. 

They offer their users the power to simulate a gaming console on a keyboard using their mapping feature. 

Their primary audience is gamers. 

This emulator gave users a choice to record their game and transfer gameplay on Youtube or the other video sharing website. 

Android Droid4X 

Droid 4x is an emulator that would run on nearly most of the computers with moderate configuration. 

You'll install games on it externally, and it also doesn't need any extra software system to run. 

This emulator is light-weight and simple to use. 

Their interface gets higher and higher with time. 

It also supports a screen zoom feature, and for gamers, it permits them to record whereas gaming. 

Droid4x emulator requirements:

  1. Operating System - Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
  2. CPU - Intel/AMD Dual core processor
  3. GPU - OpenGL 2.0 up
  4. RAM - 1GB RAM/4GB RAM (recommended)
  5. Memory - 4GB
  6. File Size - 8MB

Jar Of Beans 

Jar Of Beans doesn't need any installation. Download and run the program. 

It will handle significant games and applications only. 

This emulator supports a hardware acceleration manager that improves its overall performance. Its original interface may be a bit tough to use.

However, it'll be simple to use once it's switched to the android interface.

Remix OS Player 

This is an android emulator that runs android marshmallow. Currently, it supports INTEL processors solely.

However, it will work on some AMD processors. 

Installing this is often very easy, and additionally, it is easy to use. 

It provides the users several choices to assemble & customize their gaming expertise. 


AMIDuOS works very smoothly. They need a free trial and are available in 2 versions

Lollipop and Jellybean cost accounting around $10 & $15. 

It will handle most of the games & run them smoothly. 

AMIDuOS has smart options and performance. 

However, it's not a lot of the most well-liked by application developers

If you're a student, you may wish to require a glance at these helpful apps. 

List of android emulator for 1Gb RAM PC:

  1. Andy ( Minimum 1 GB)
  2. Droid4x
  3. NOX Player

List of android emulator for 2Gb RAM PC:

  1. Leapdroid
  2. AMIDuOS
  3. Bluestacks
  4. GenyMotion
  5. LD Player
  6. MEMU Player
  7. Tencent Gaming Buddy


So it’s all about the top 10 Best Free Android Emulator For Low End PC. There are measures, several emulators, for you to decide. 

Most of those android emulators for low end PC are best for you if you wish to game. 

You'll opt for any ape you would like in line with your would like. 

We've listed emulators that are measure smart for play & conjointly, which will help developers.