Today, in this post, I'll show you how to delete Roblox account? 

Roblox is a very famous platform for large-scale multiplayer online video games. The number of monthly active users exceeds 100 million. 

This game creation and development system is a robust feature that allows users to create and design their own games. 

I've been a Roblox user for a long time, so I might hate it for some reason. 

That's why you may have learned about the process of deleting your Roblox account so it can't be reused. 

Hackming shares with you how to delete Roblox account. So, without taking any longer, let's get started. 

Roblox has no type of option to delete your Roblox account Immediately. In simple terms, you can't delete your account.

But don't worry Hackming will make it happen because we can. That's why here we have shared with you few methods that can help you how to delete your Roblox account.

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1. Call the Roblox Team

Since Roblox doesn’t offer any account deletion option so you can simply you can go to this Privacy Policy page of Roblox and call Roblox and ask them to delete your account. 

They may ask the reason behind deleting, and you must tell them whatever you don't like about it or anything you want.

 2. Write an Email at Roblox

This method is mostly used by users because in this method you only write an email at    [email protected] which requires deleting the Roblox account and mentioning all the necessary details about it.

You have to write your phone number and email associated with the Roblox account and anything that identifies you as the owner of that particular account. 

 3. Does Roblox delete inactive accounts?

Slow but steady solution for any user who wants his Roblox account deleted. In this method, you just need to avoid using your account for years and it will result in deletion of that account. 

Because Roblox will identify it as an inactive account. This is a guaranteed working method for everyone.

4. Break Roblox Policies and Terms

We won’t recommend this method to use, honestly. You will have to get your account banned 3 or more times by doing some mischievous activities. 

And finally, Roblox will delete your account forever. This isn’t a good way of doing such a thing as we said earlier. But no other method works then this can be an option for you.


Finally, we have gone through all the ways of how to delete Roblox account in 2021, and we know this is not an easy task, but we have tried to make it as simple as you can understand. 

There is currently no way to delete your Roblox account. We hope you enjoy reading this article and find it useful as the Roblox institution has not yet added that feature. 

You can ask questions if you have any problems.