Red Hawk is an open-source tool that is utilized for data gathering and certain defenselessness checking. Red Hawk recognizes Content Management Systems (CMS) being used for an objective web application, IP address, web server record, Cloudflare data, and robots.txt information. 

Red Hawk can identify WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento CMS. Other checking highlights of Red Hawk incorporate WHOIS information gathering, Geo-IP query, Banner getting, DNS lookup, port examining, sub-area data, and MX records query.  

Red Hawk searches for blunder based SQL injection, WordPress delicate documents, and WordPress variant related vulnerabilities.

Recon and mapping out our objective is a key advance before we start to hack or adventure anything. 

This device robotizes this by observing what our focused on hand is running and if there are any adventures for it. Let's introduce it from our terminal and change to its registry and after that run it.

Red Hawk Installation :

Red Hawk tool can be cloned from Github using the following command.

git clone

Red Hawk - Information Gathering & Vulnerability Scanner Tool

After installing Red Hawk, move to the RED_HAWK directory and run rhawk.php file to launch the tool.

php rhawk.php

Red Hawk - Information Gathering & Vulnerability Scanner Tool

The command launches the tool and asks for the target web application. Upon providing the target web address, Red Hawk gives the information gathering and vulnerability scanning options as shown in the following screenshot.

Red Hawk - Information Gathering & Vulnerability Scanner Tool

Pick the ideal examining (or vulnerability assessment) alternative by composing the utility arrangement number in the activity field. The tools react by bringing results as indicated by the chose Red Hawk utility. For example, we can utilize essential web filtering by choosing its grouping number in the following format. 

Red Hawk - Information Gathering & Vulnerability Scanner Tool

Because of the above activity, Red Hawk gets fundamental web data like webpage title, allowed IP address, web server innovation and form, Cloudflare, and Robots.txt record.

So also, we can utilize Red Hawk to discover open ports and running administrations on the objective web applications.

Red Hawk - Information Gathering & Vulnerability Scanner Tool

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