Trape is the python put together content to follow anybody with respect to the Internet and to perform genuine assaults on the program of an injured individual.
It is a URL based payload that ought to be sent to your exploited people on the web and ready to do phishing assault, perceives alternate tabs or sessions of unfortunate casualties program, URL Redirection, sending spring up messages.

In this Kali Linux Tutorial, we demonstrate to you best practices to utilize Trape to follow anybody on the web and to perform genuine assaults. 

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Trape Tool : How to Easily Track location using Kali Linux

What a Trape can do?

1. LOCATOR OPTIMIZATION: Trace the way among you and the objective you're following. Each time you make a move, the way will be refreshed, by methods for this the area of the objective is acquired quietly through a detour made in the programs, permitting you not to avoid the area ask for allowing on the injured individual's side, goal or individual and in the meantime keep up accuracy of 99% in the locator.

2. PROCESS HOOKS: Manages social designing assaults or procedures in the objective's program.

- SEVERAL: You can issue a phishing assault of any space or administration continuously and in addition send malevolent records to trade off the gadget of an objective.

- INJECT JS: You keep the JavaScript code running free progressively, so you can deal with the execution of a keylogger or your own custom capacities in JS which will be reflected in the objective's program.

- SPEED: Viewing the objective's system speed. (Ping, download, transfer, type association)


This apparatus has been distributed instructive purposes so as to show individuals how to trouble makers could follow them or screen them or acquire data from their certifications, we are not in charge of the utilization or the degree that may have the People through this undertaking.

We are completely persuaded that on the off chance that we encourage how helpless things are, we can make the Internet a more secure place.

How to use it:

1. First, download the tool from Github and put it into the Desktop.

git clone

2. Change your directory from root to desktop and then trape using the below command.

cd Desktop/trape

 Trape Tool : How to Easily Track location using Kali Linux

3. Install all the libraries that are located in the file requirements.txt 

pip install -r requirements.txt

4. Run the script. Example of execution

python --url --port 8080

Trape Tool : How to Easily Track location using Kali Linux
First Link is a phishing link that I used to run on my browser. When this link is open the details of my browser, Operating system, Location will send it to the hacker. 

Another one is Control Panel Link and there is an access key to open the control panel. So this is all about How to easily track location using Kali Linux.

Trape Tool : How to Easily Track location using Kali Linux

Conclusion: Never open suspicious links whether it is given from any social media link.

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