Today we will discuss 10 CMD commands for Hacking. Well, we all recognize that the command prompt is one amongst the foremost powerful tools in Windows that is acknowledge by CMD.

Today we have a tendency to area unit planning to share prime CMD or MS-DOS commands that you want to recognize if you would like to be a hacker.

Therefore, if you have just made a mind of becoming a hacker then you could learn to utilize these 10 best CMD commands used in hacking.
1. NsLookup

The nslookup (which stands for name server lookup) command may be a network computer program accustomed acquire info concerning web servers. It finds name server info for domains by querying the name System. Most pc in operation systems embrace an inbuilt instruction program with a similar name.

2. Tracert
Traceroute may be a command which might show you the trail a packet of data takes from your pc to 1 you specify. It will list all the routers it passes through till it reaches its destination, or fails to and is discarded. In addition to the present, it'll tell you ways long every 'hop' from router to router takes.

3. ARP

ARP is a third CMD command for Hacking By Using the ARP command permits you to show and modify the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache. An ARP cache may be an easy mapping of scientific discipline addresses to mackintosh addresses. Each time a computer’s TCP/IP stack uses ARP to see the Media Access Control (MAC) address for associate degree scientific discipline address, it records the mapping in the ARP cache so that future ARP lookups go faster.

4. Netstat

If you would like to seek out United Nations agency is establishing a reference to your pc then you may strive writing in prompt “netstat -a” it'll show all the affiliation and you will get to know about the active connections and listening ports. Type in command prompt “netstat -a”

5. Route

It is a command that is employed to look at and manipulate the scientific discipline routing table within the Microsoft Windows software. This command can show you routing table, metric and interface. You can type in command prompt “route print.”

6. Ipconfig

This is the command that shows each helpful issue. It will show you IPv6 address, temporary IPv6 address, IPv4 address, Subnet Mask, Default gateway and all other things that you want to know. You can sort in prompt “ipconfig” or “ipconfig/all”.

7. Ping

This command uses your web affiliation so as to send some packets of information to a selected internet address then these packets area unit sent back to your computer. The test simply shows the amount of time it took to reach the specific address. In simple words, it helps you to know if the host you pinging is alive.
8. Tasklist
This command discloses a whole task manager on the prompt. Users simply ought to enter the task list on CMD and that they can see the list of all running methods. You can figure out all the wrongs with these commands. Moreover, the command can even be used once you ought to forcefully shut any method.
9. Net View:
This command displays the entire list of resources or domains that area unit shared by the desired computer. You can type in command prompt “net view x.x.x.x or you can also write the computer name.
10. Net User:
Well, this command is employed to change the user accounts on a pc. you'll be able to add, take away users with the assistance of this command. You can use these commands when you are using net user. So, this is all about the 10 CMD commands for Hacking. Please let me recognize if you found this post helpful or not, leave a comment below to let me recognize another space you'd have an interest in reading posts regarding.
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